Standard Application Instructions

Fill out the Application Form. Your application can only be processed if all questions are answered.

Provide the following documentation:

  • Picture Identification for all applicants 15 years of age and older.
  • Identification for all other applicants (i.e. Birth Certificate, AB Health Care Card).
  • Each employed applicant 15 years of age and older must provide 3 months of pay stubs or a letter verifying his/her gross monthly earnings. If the individual is a student, confirmation of school registration must be provided.
  • If you are NOT a Canadian Citizen you must provide immigration papers that indicate your current status.
  • Proper documentation must support any and all income received by your household. Please refer to the document checklist for required documentation that could pertain to your household.

Submit the completed Application Form and all supporting documentation by one of the following:

  • Emailing it to 
  • Dropping it off at our Medicine Hat Community Housing Society Office, #104, 516 3rd Street SE, Medicine Hat.
  • Fill out the form below.

Once your information has been submitted

All approved applicants are served based on their level of need, therefore it is important to provide accurate and thorough information so needs can be appropriately assessed.

  • If you have not been contacted in 90 days and you are still interested in subsidized housing, please complete an Update Form, which is also available at the Medicine Hat Community Housing Society Office.
  • If there are changes in your household circumstances, please contact the Medicine Hat Community Housing Society Office. Specific changes may affect your position on the waitlist. Changes include, but are not limited to:
    • Loss of income or change in income sources.
    • Change in family size – adding or removing applicant members.
    • Address/contact information changes.
    • Housing Status – are you being evicted?
Due to recent Legislative updates, the online application submission for all Housing Programs will be paused while we work on the required changes. PDF Applications are still available.
Please be aware that once you have submitted your application online, and included all required supporting documentation, it must be signed in the presence of a Commissioner for Oaths in order to be processed.

All approved applicants will be placed in a suitable housing program based on the highest need first and then in the order in which the application was received. Please note that the Medicine Hat Community Housing Society will determine which housing program will best suit your household needs after the initial assessment and approval of your application.

Please visit the Medicine Hat Community Housing Society Office at #104 – 516 3rd St SE Medicine Hat, AB T1A 0H3 to sign your application in order for it to be processed. You are not required to make an appointment.

The information provided on this form is collected under the authority of the Alberta Housing Act and will be used to determine and verify the client’s eligibility for housing and related Government programs. This information may be transferred to, matched and verified with other parties, agencies, and Governments.