Outreach Support Services

Support Services

The Medicine Hat Community Housing Society also provides services aimed at supporting those who may be experiencing housing instability, homelessness or are at imminent risk of becoming homeless.

Central Intake

The Central Intake program supports individuals and/or families who are experiencing homelessness, or are experiencing housing instability and at risk of homelessness.

Once an initial interview has been completed by staff, either in-person, over the phone, or within a community care facility (hospital, shelter, treatment facility, etc.,) a member of the Central Intake team can assist you in coordinating access to the supports tailored to your individual needs. Support services include, but are not limited to the following referrals to programs offered by community partners, or direct supports provided through MHCHS:

Housing First Program (community based partner) – referrals to the community based Housing First program are made by Central Intake staff after it has been determined together, by the interviewer and the individual, that longer term intensive housing supports would best promote permanent housing stability. The program is a 12-18 month support program that includes housing.

Diversion Housing Supports – financial and/or non-financial supports provided to individuals who are in search of housing and/or housing supports. Individuals meet with a member of the Central Intake team who will then determine eligibility, appropriate program referral and/or community support(s) tailored to individual needs.

Housing Loss Prevention Support – financial and/or non-financial support provided to individuals and/or families who are currently housed and experiencing circumstances that have put them at imminent risk of experiencing homelessness.

Transition and Discharge Planning – a coordinated effort between Central Intake staff and care facility staff in the discharge planning for individuals who have identified as homeless and are being discharged from a care facility (e.g. hospital, corrections, treatment center). A member of the Central Intake team will meet with individual within the care facility prior to discharge to complete an interview and to discuss available supports upon discharge.

Rapid Re-Housing

The Rapid Re-Housing program is a 4-6 month support program that includes housing for individuals and families experiencing homelessness. The goal of the program is to assist persons in accessing housing quickly, to increase self-sufficiency, and to sustain housing.

The Rapid Re-Housing program is offered without preconditions such as income, employment, sobriety, etc. Throughout the participation in the program, participants are connected to a support worker who will assist in the shared development of an individualized support plan with the goal of achieving long term housing stability.