Overview of the
Re-focused Plan

In 2009, Medicine Hat became one of the first Canadian cities to commit to ending homelessness using the housing with supports approach. Considerable progress has since been made as indicated by reductions in shelter use, the number of homeless housed and maintaining housing, as well as a number of measures introduced to restructure the Homeless-Serving System in Medicine Hat.

A Plan for Alberta

Ending Homelessness in 10 Years

Alberta faces a growing challenge of homelessness. These fellow Albertans don’t belong on the streets or in emergency shelters. Instead, they should be moved into housing and given support to address their challenges, restore stability, and attain greater self-reliance. Each of them deserves the opportunity to succeed.

Funding from governments and the hard work of many Albertans to address this challenge are to be commended; but despite these efforts, Alberta right now is simply working to manage homelessness. To successfully reduce and ultimately end homelessness, Alberta will need to take a fundamentally different approach.