I am a Landlord or Property Manager

We are able to fulfill our mission of housing individuals and families thanks to the support of local landlords and property management companies. To support tenants both those in social housing and the private market, along with the landlord community, we have compiled the following some resources.

Medicine Hat Community Housing Society offers Residential Tenancy forms at a small fee. Landlords can contact the Medicine Hat Community Housing Society office at 403.527.4507 to obtain the forms. 

Landlord Legislation

The Residential Tenancies Act is the legislation that sets out the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants in Alberta. There are many resources available online for both landlords and tenants to help better understand this legislation. Below are a few links that can help to navigate the Residential Tenancies Act.


A form that a landlord can fill out for a tenant which gives details about a rental unit and contact information of the landlord, to support various social program documentation requirements. The Medicine Hat Community Housing Society provides rent reports for our tenants who require this information for such things as an income support application.  The report may also be required from private landlords for tenants involved in the Rent Supplement Programs.

We want to provide you with the tools to prevent bed bugs in your home and offer you treatment options if you encounter them. To ensure early detection, Journey Home will conduct random building inspections, including a thorough examination of all units. Tenants will receive, at minimum, 24 hours notice before an inspection will occur. Tenants are encouraged to be present at the time of inspection.

When bed bugs have been confirmed it is critical that all surrounding units be thoroughly inspected and that action is taken to remove the bed bugs. If bed bugs are detected, treatment of the affected units will occur promptly and at no cost to the tenant. Tenants are asked to allow pest control professionals into their units (a notice will be provided) and to follow instructions, ensuring effective elimination of the pest.

As it is almost impossible to know exactly where the bed bugs originated, no person or family will be blamed, judged, or evicted for reporting bed bugs. If you have questions or suspect that bed bugs are present in your unit, please contact us at 403.527.4507 or email